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Check them out! and we will be in touch soon!

Our downloadable resources are for you to test and try. They are not designed to be perfect, they are rough and ready for your feedback. This is your opportunity to become a Mind-Life designer so keep an eye out on your E-mail to provide your input or feel free to provide feedback Here.

Challenge Game

A series of everyday challenges that will inspire you and your fellow players to stretch outside of your comfort zone.

Rules of Engagament

This Resource helps set clear boundaries, expectations and agreements about roles and responsibilities.

My Dance Card

The Dance card will help you to identify who is helping with what task and when to review.

Worker Profile

This resource seeks to level the playing field, by helping supporters to share a bit of themselves in a way that is relevant to their role.

Stories of Pain & Gain

The booklet covers why we use reflective practice, some “mind lifey” rules and a step-by-step session guide.

Reflection Cards

A series of deep questions, designed to help people reflect on their support and relationships.

Reflective Practice

For people in a supporting role, to help them to pause and think about their support efforts and how well they are upholding the Mind-life mindsets.

Provide Feedback

After using the resources please provide feedback using this form.

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